In the first Rick Montoya Italian Mystery, Rick goes undercover in the ancient town of Volterra to find who is trafficking priceless Etruscan burial urns. But before sunset on Rick's first day, a gallery employee dies in a brutal fall from a high cliff. Has the trade in fraudulent artifacts upgraded to Murder? Are the traffickers already on to Rick?

Cold Tuscan Stone received a starred "debut of the month" rating from Library Journal.  

Rick is looking forward to a week of skiing in the Italian Alps with old college buddy Flavio. But when an American banker disappears in the snows of Campiglio, Rick is asked by an eccentric local cop to help, and finds that this picturesque resort town harbors old rivalries, citizens on the make, and a cut-throat political campaign. The second Rick Montoya Italian Mystery.

"Another delightful reading -- and vicarious dining – experience"

When working as an interpreter at an international conference on art history, Rick finds that academic rivalries can be vicious, but he doesn't expect they will lead to violence. When one of the experts is murdered, his hopes to explore the scenic town of Bassano del Grappa are put on hold. Instead he is drawn into the shadowy world of stolen art. The third in the series.

At his uncle's request, Rick goes to Orvieto to talk some sense into his young cousin and spend a relaxed weekend with girlfriend Betta. Instead, his interpreting skills quickly draw him into the investigation of a murdered American woman whose past had caught up with her, and the suspect list includes some very influential people. Number four in the series.

 The fifth book in the series takes Rick to one of the author's favorite cities in Italy.  What better place for murder and intrigue than Mantova, with its foggy streets and decadent history?  Toss in the famous local cheese and some unique characters, and you're on your way to A Funeral in Mantova. 

"Wagner’s fifth series entry provides his usual deft mix of art,
  travel, and suspense."
  (Kirkus Reviews)

Wagner’s solid sixth Rick Montoya Italian mystery (after 2018’s A Funeral in Mantova), a prequel, covers Rick’s move from New Mexico to Rome and explains how he evolved from translator to sleuth. Who killed Count Umberto Zimbardi, whose death seems to be the result of a random mugging? His wife wants the murderer found and puts pressure on Commissario Piero Fontana, Rick’s policeman uncle.

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